Artist Bio : Born in India and brought up in North East the city of Taj Mahal(Agra) 1984, Sumeet Mehta whose works relies on curious narrations of everyday lives, fascinated by cultural diffusion, and fortified by travel, infinitely reflecting on both traditional and unconventional perspectives. Sumeet admired her father’s detailed drawings who owned a metal craft business, which in natural cultivated an interest in her. It was since then at the age of 6, in 1991, her art was first recognized by State and Regional that followed by years 1992 and 1994 for AICCC (Camlin ltd).  Sumeet later opted to pursue her art professionally by earning a bachelor and master’s degree in Paintings from Lalit Kala Academy in India. Bold colors, acrylics with mixed media holds a significance for Mehta’s, taking insignificant elements of popular traditions with structural purity. In the fourth year of her Bachelor degree, Sumeet has won the ‘Gold Medal’ for her drawing by ‘AVANTIKA Art Festival in 2007, accompanied by winning the ‘National Award’ at National Art Festival, ‘Kala Rang-Kala Sang,’ in her first year of Master Degree at Gwalior in 2008. With the urge of deep understanding of colors and lifestyles, she also studied a diploma in interior designing. Relocating to Southern India(Mangalore) in 2010, Sumeet took an opportunity for a solo show on abstract and contemporary art, contrasting diverse thoughts on the historic land influenced mostly by folk and traditional art.

Sumeet moved to the US with her husband in the year 2011. Inspite of having been caught between the two worlds, and often relocations due to her husband’s job, her inclination and curiosity towards her interests was not impacted, and in fact intensified, because of the geographical and cultural transitions. She kept herself engaged in exploring various art forms, also putting her work for juried art exhibits such as Tamarack art gallery, West Virginia (2015). It was then in the year 2016 that Sumeet joined a local photography group and delved into photography since then. Came a turning point when Mehta won People’s Choice Award in 2019 for her photography display at New Hampshire. Moving from Texas to West Virginia and currently residing in New Hampshire with her husband and two daughters, Sumeet is owner of myllyynnis® (artist & photographer), founder of community heartists club, exhibiting member of ASG – digital photography, in partnering with Hooksett PTA, and the local artist in residence at Hooksett Public Library. She currently enjoys capturing details of objects through her lens, food and cultures being her prime mode and dug in asymmetrical balances exploring organic and inorganic lines with her two little doodling daughters.

Artist Statement – I was raised in India, the land of amalgamation with many diverse cultures, ethical values, heritage art, and colors; hence, my art poses a freedom of choices! I aim to aesthetically portray my experiences of living in mixed cultural communities, of not just appearance but historic groundings,  in my drawings, paintings, installations, and photography. This includes growing up in urban areas and my roots with my grandparents on the land of festivities, where food is the vital element. Although I have never liked cooking, I have enjoyed indulging in the rural ways, including several religions and traditions. I combine all of this with my current experiences of migrating thousands of miles away to a second home, joint family separation, raising my daughters with both American and Indian cultures, being exposed to numerous new ethics, and spending time with my family in the kitchen where we share a love for the spices and fragrance. Food has now become a paramount way of cultural interaction to me.

Paintings -I have chosen a ‘Wok’ as the crucial subject. It acts as a base in serving society, feeding the hungry, and satiating one’s soul through its diverse forms and styles of communication. I am constantly exploring new materials and enjoy experimenting with mixed media–paper, wood, cloth, charcoals, ink, oil, and acrylics. I like preparing my own canvas base, varying based on thick or fine texture and tinted drawings on paper. Colors range from pastel shades to warm, cool, and neutral colors. Currently, I am digging into installation art through my 2D-3D Wok sculptures and ants, which acts as a food carrier organically.

Photography –Although I jumped into the world of photography intensely in 2016, I took it as an elective subject in college for 3 years. It began with a point-and-shoot camera, which initiated an urge to educate myself with different perspectives on a common subject. This, accompanied by many tools, escorted me to the world of nature, textures, and closeups. It is difficult to navigate the perfect time to release the shutter, but I cannot miss capturing detailed anatomy, micro, macro or determining the large depth of field.